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April 20, 2012

Don’t Look Down!

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I have to admit, I got a bit jelly-knee’d while taking this shot. When looking through the lens of the camera, you lose your sense of depth perception. This picture takes me back every time!

This is from the observatory of the Calgary Tower, in the glass floor area. We stopped there for a night before heading to the mountains in Banff.

Calgary Tower


June 25, 2010

Vacation! Day 2: Banff

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We took the early morning drive from Calgary to Banff and decided to go straight to Lake Louise and get our bearings. The beautiful Rocky Mountains that were growing as we got closer were incentive to mash the gas.

Snow Capped

Park Entrance

Scenery 1

Scenery 2

This was one of the most enjoyable drives of my life. The scenery and the weather was just perfect. Rocky Mountains and blue sky all around. We got to Lake Louise and couldn’t believe how blue the water was.


Lake Louise Guard


Lucy at the Lake


We got our fill and headed to the hotel in Banff to check in. We stayed at the Rimrock Resort and Spa and was situated on the side of Sulphur Mountain, overlooking much of the town as well as the surrounding Rockies. Every room had a view and the mountain was so steep, you have to go down to get to your floor from the lobby. We got cleaned up and headed into town for some food and fine spirits. We found the local Irish Pub and there was a live band playing acoustic Incubus, Journey, and Bon Jovi. One word….heaven.

Sunset Banff


Banff Ave

The best thing about the hotel, was the free bus service up and down the mountain into town. No need to fight traffic, parking, or flip a coin to determine who was the DD.

Bus Stop



Knee Buckle

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The video of the walk out onto the huge glass floor at the Calgary Tower. My knees wobble wobble.

June 20, 2010

Vacation! Day 1: Calgary

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We landed in Calgary during early afternoon on Friday after 6 hours of successful flights.

The City




Canadian Flowers


We walked the streets to check out the local boutiques and shops then grabbed some supper. Our hotel was right across from the Calgary Tower and our room had a great view.

Hotel View


We got to the top of the tower to take in the scenery.

Calgary Fished

Tower View


Downtown Calgary

Sun and Clouds

The glass floor on this tower was far better than the glass floor at the CN Tower in Toronto. I stepped on the floor here and my knees got a bit wobbley. She wasn’t fazed though…


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