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April 24, 2012

Man Who Goes Through Turnstile Sideways Is Going to Bangkok

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Confucius was a wise man.

So, I went to Bangkok last year, the place, not the action. It was a whirlwind trip but I did bring the Leica along for the ride. I took a taxi from my hotel to the Grand Palace. It wasn’t yet open for tourists but a seemingly nice guy chatted me up about his cheap (less than $2 USD) tour of all the major tourist spots in Bangkok. He would wisk me through traffic on his trusty tuk-tuk. Seemed legit.

I jumped in.

Bangkok Standing Buddha


Tuk Tuk in Bangkok

He took me to the first spot, where the standing, sitting, and laying Buddhas were. The gardens and decor were outstanding.

Large Standing Buddha


I particularly enjoyed the sitting Buddha. The room was quite lush and intricate.

Bangkok Sitting Buddha

BUT, nothing is as good as it seems. My tuk-tuk driver took me to retail stores, in between the tourist locations and I had to go into these places, even if not buying anything, and just walk through. Tailors, jewelers, tricketeers, etc. He said if he took me to all the places, they would stamp his pass and he would get a free tank of gas. A neat little racket.

Just a heads up. Would I do it again? Probably.


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