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August 29, 2010

Saturday Night Braves Game!


Everyone who knows me, knows that I love baseball. There is just something special about going to the ballpark in the warm summer air. This was one of the main reasons I was so excited about relocating to Atlanta, the Braves games.

I dusted off the baseball to see if I could get an autograph or two. Yes, I am 10 years old again.
Game Prep


Took a walk around their monument square.
Hammerin' Hank



I then went into the park and started to head toward my seat.
Turner Field

View from my Seat

I got down there with full batting practice in session. I moved over a section to sit at the dugout, to catch a player or two coming in and out.
Dugout Perch

Pow! (Rick Ankiel)
Ankiel Autograph

Chilled out in my seat for a while, watching the Marlins take BP. Uggla and Maybin were just clowning the whole time.
Maybin Uggla

Uggla Poses

Hanley catches me through the cage.
Hanley Ramirez BP

Mike Stanton is a beast.
Stanton is a Beast

One of the biggest things I enjoy about going to games, is the overall fan experience. Even when the visiting team is warming up in the outfield, they often play to the crowd, and offer up game balls to the fans (usually the kids first, then females next).

The game is about to start, home plate just got manicured. I want my lawn to look this good someday.

No experience is complete without the T-shirt canon girls. They have come a long way since launching tees into the crowd using bungee cords. Full pneumatic power, pushing tees easily into the upper deck.
T-shirt Gun


Mr Cow urges for more Chikin from the outfield roof.
Moo Chikin

Tim Hudson was the starting pitcher for Atlanta, and he was straight dealing. He recorded his 1,200th career strikeout as well as setting a personal best with 13 strikeouts through 7 innings of work.
Hudson Deals

Hudson kept waving to someone in the crowd, probably his kids (or his girlfriend).
Hudson Waves

Hudson Bunts

McCann frames a called strike from Hudson in the first.
McCann Squeeze

Newly acquired Derek Lee tending first base.
Lee Fielding

JayHey (Jason Heyward) in the on deck circle.
Heyward on Deck

Down by 8 at the time, the Marlins dugout looked grim.
Marlins Dugout

Matt Diaz rounding the bases with a cheddar-dong grin after hitting a solo homerun.
Diaz HR Stroll

McCann up with the bases loaded. Ended up hitting a bases clearing double in the 2nd inning.
McCann Up

It was 12-2 through 8 innings. Marlins tacked on a garbage run in the 9th, making the final score 12-3.

Hoping for a Braves playoff push, so I can enjoy some late September, October ball in Atlanta this year!


  1. As a life-long Braves fan, you have no idea how happy this post made me.

    I’m not sure if they offer it anymore but when I visited the stadium, I was able to do a tour and sat in the home dugout. And, yes, I immediately turned into a 10 year-old when I sat on their bench.

    Also, across the street, I hope they still have the remaining piece of the former stadium outfield wall. Its the section over which Hank Aaron hit his 500th homerun.

    Comment by Mr. Cufflink — September 1, 2010 @ 5:23 pm | Reply

  2. That girl with the T-shirt canon is NICE.

    Comment by iheartfilm — October 2, 2010 @ 4:42 am | Reply

  3. Nice pics bro! Turner Field is a great place to watch a game, been there a few times. Even got a pic of the Brabes (me and my buddies name for the cannon girls, haha).

    Comment by Larrivee7 — October 8, 2010 @ 12:59 pm | Reply

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