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August 12, 2010

The Only Toll Road in Georgia

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….and I happen to find it. Well, my GPS found it, and I just dumbly followed along. Georgia State Route 400 begins at Interstate 85 just north of Downtown Atlanta and starts as a toll road through Buckhead.

No big deal, couldn’t be that much. Just want to check out Buckhead and hit up the Lenox Square Mall before it closes. I’ve got some gift cards and what not. So I continue to cruise along.


Would you believe me if I said that I could not find a single 50 cents ($0.50) of cash on me or in my car as I was approaching the toll booth? 2 damn quarters!?! Jesus.

So I start to panic. No more exits before the toll booths. Maybe they actually take a credit card (debit to be exact). What kind of idiot tries to pay a 50 cent toll with a credit card? A newly relocated yankee who has a blind trust in his GPS. I approach.


I pull up the “assistance lane”, all the way to the far right. A young girl greets me and I ask if she takes a card…she straight out belly laughed. She clearly thought I was joking. I assured her that I was serious and then she flatly said…”I am going to have to give you a $25 ticket then.” *Stoneface*

She proceeded to exit her booth, walk behind my car, and get greeted by the beautiful NC license. Back to the booth she goes, armed with my tag, when she asks, “You have never driven this before?”. I explained that I had just moved here less than 2 weeks ago, and I was dumb enough to follow my GPS onto the road.

She shook her head, threw two quarters into the basket, and told me to have a good day. I was on my way.


Today wasn’t so bad after all! Needless to say, I have a full stack of quarters in my center console, ripe for the stealing, once my window is broken, and car rummaged through in downtown Atlanta.


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  1. Wooo greyscale!

    Comment by Rolo — August 12, 2010 @ 3:15 am | Reply

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