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February 16, 2010

Mamá de Banano


Mamá de Banano is the literal translation of my drink of choice while in Punta Cana (translated “fuzz tip” ha!), Banana Mama. In the 5 day stay, I must have consumed over 100 of these things. No swim-up bar, night show waitress, or club bartender could slow me down. Even with all the syrup dosed liquor binges, I managed to snap a few pictures.

The sunrise was a massive bright orange that morning, with a great deal of overhead clouds. They made from some great rays and reflections on the water.
Sunrise Punta Cana

This is quite possibly my favorite picture that I took. Sunset over the main pool at our hotel.
Sunset Pool


This was from the first sunrise, and the beams of light blocked by the clouds left for an interesting capture, lighting up half of a cloud.


These were flying back and forth all day.


The main drag taking you from the beach to the pool and rooms. Luckily our room wasn’t a terribly long walk from either.



Clouds at sunrise, caught the peachy beams through dawn.

This was pretty much my position each and every morning, following a nice breakfast of course. Each day went like this: wake up (maybe sunrise and photos), catch the breakfast buffet, go back to the room and throw on your trunks, head to the beach until lunch (1ish), hit up lunch, find a place by the pool (near the swim up bar if possible), pack it in around 5, back to the room for a nap, meet for dinner around 7:30, hit the lobby bar, hit the club, hit the sack. Wake up and do it again. What a way to live!
The View

Break Through

This dude was hunting fishies like a champ, using the bread I threw in for bait.
Domincan Egret

Even the airport has the tropical theme.
Punta Cana Airport

Not my team of choice, but a cool paintjob nonetheless.
US Airways Steelers


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  1. Good shots man.

    Comment by Rolo — February 16, 2010 @ 6:44 am | Reply

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