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November 7, 2009

Trains to Madrid

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After the four days in Barcelona, we hopped on a train and headed to Madrid. These high speed AVE trains are truly remarkable, hitting greater than 300 Km/hr (185+ mph), and word is that the US has been meeting with the Spanish government on how to incorporate similar trains into the States. It would be pretty amazing to be able to hop a train to NYC or Boston and get there quicker (total travel time) than taking a plane and navigating airports and cancelled flights. I digress…

Madrid Atocha Station

The cultural difference between Barcelona and Madrid is astounding. Barcelona is progressive, laid back, beachy, and urban. Madrid is more reserved, historic, and formal, giving us the feel of a historic Paris. It seems everything is made of marble and there is a statue of a guy on a horse around every corner.


We really lucked out with our hotel choice. We stayed at the Regina Hotel, a short walk (eighth of a mile) to the Plaza de la Puerta del Sol, the historic center of the city. There was a metro stop at our doorstep, which is essential to each of our trips. We purchase the unlimited tourist pass for bus and metro and we bomb around the city like nobody’s business.

Hotel Regina Location

We were anticipating some rainy weather but were pleasantly surprised to see the sun beaming in a bright blue sky. couldn’t have been more wrong. We took the opportunity and headed to Parque del Retiro, Madrid’s version of Central Park. We were greeted with elaborate fountains, monuments, and statues. Central Park on steroids.

Parque del Retiro Protectors



Parque del Retiro


We then headed to the Palacio Real, Madrid’s royal palace, to soak in the sunlight from the courtyard.

Palacio Real Day

Palacio Real Fountain


Palacio Real Night



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