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September 29, 2009

This Canyon is Grand

Continuing with the theme of trips from the past, here are some pictures from our trip to Grand Canyon. It is unbelievable the feeling that comes over you when you see just how massive the canyon is for the first time. It almost looked surreal, like a group of people holding up a huge painting in the background for the world to see.

We were fortunate enough to make the trek to the south (I think?) rim for sunrise over the lip. I have never seen the sky take on so many beautiful colors in such a short period of time. We even got to experience a mule deer playing chicken with us in the middle of the road. It won, we waited for it to move along. It eventually did. We then took a drive to Red Rocks and then headed back to Phoenix. More pictures in my flickr account so check them out! All pictures were taken with my point and shoot.

IMG_2976 copy

IMG_2864 copy

IMG_2867 copy

IMG_2931 copy

IMG_2936 copy

IMG_2938 copy

IMG_2989 copy

IMG_3004 copy

IMG_3025 copy


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  1. Wow, I always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon, shit is like wonderous. Look at the layers.

    Comment by Rolo — September 29, 2009 @ 7:30 pm | Reply

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