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July 12, 2009

UFC 100 Results: Lesnar, GSP Still Champs

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Brock Lesnar destroyed Frank Mir in the second round with his devastating ground and pound. This coming 17 months after Mir caught Lesnar in a knee bar where Lesnar tapped out, Lesnar’s only loss. Brock improved to 4-1. Following the stoppage, Lesnar ran around the ring, going back at a bloodied Mir, taunting him to “talk more shit now!” During the interview with Rogan in the cage, Lesnar proclaimed, “Frank Mir had a horseshoe up his ass. I told him that a year ago. I pulled the sum bitch out and beat him over the head with it.” More boos reigned down from the crowd. He later apologized for his actions during the post fight interview.

Georges St. Pierre defeated Alves by unanimous decision after 5 rounds of pounding. GSP neutralized Alves’ size and massive punch by shooting and taking Alves down time and time again, going with the ground and pound.

Dan Henderson knocked out Michael Bisping in the battle of the TUF 9 coaches in the second round when he landed a brutal punch to the chin, sending Bisping to the canvas. Henderson then came down with a devastating shot while Bisping was out cold before the referee got to him to stop the fight. Knockout of the night by far.

Other results:
Akiyama defeated Belcher (which I thought Belcher got screwed with the decision)
Fitch defeated Thiago (unanimous decision)
Guggerty defeated Grice (submission in round 1)
Lawlor defeated Dollaway (submission in round 1)
Kim defeated Grant (unanimous decision)
Jones defeated O’Brien (submission round 2) –Jones is my boy from Rochester, NY (9-0)
Miller defeated Danzig (unanimous decision)
Coleman defeated Bonner (decision)


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