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March 25, 2009

Depressing State of Affairs

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I got this letter today from one of the coolest stores out there, El Mercado, out of California. This truly shows the tough nature of this economy and the cut throat business that streetwear retail is all about.


Hi, I’m Ian Lashley, the owner of El Mercado. I’m the one on the left and that’s Mike Liu, my right hand man, on the right. Some of you may be familiar with the current state of our shitty economy these days and let me tell you we are very aware of it! 12 years in this business working in all aspects of the apparel game and I’ve never seen this sort of despair. I just want to let you know that our selection of spring and summer goods may be a liiiiittle slimmer than usual. Thanks to the hard work and the dedication of past employees we’ve been able to bring you plenty of great brands and styles for over five years now and we were able to grow leaps and bounds just by the loyalty of your patronage. However unfortunately the cannibalistic nature of some of our super-discounting online competition forced us to offer deeper discounts than usual for most of last year. Because of this we were forced to operate without much of a profit margin and now we’ve seemed to have run out of money for future product. A lot of these other online retailers have big backing and plenty of money to get them through these thin times. We looked and looked and had meeting after meeting with banks and potential investors with no success. This shits tough! I trained for years and competed in many world-renowned endurance races including the Ironman and Xterra challenge all while building El Mercado and looking back that was easy compared to this. Most small businesses need a little extra monetary help to get them through recessions and restructuring phases but this time around the banks aren’t lending so you are seeing the demise of a lot of businesses built on blood, sweat and tears.. One thing is for sure and that is that we aren’t going anywhere!! I now have an additional full time job as the private label sales director for a popular hat company in our industry. I work that gig from my office right here at the store. I will be here 7 days a week and Mike will help me out with 3 of them until we get back on our feet. So the next time you’re in the area or are thinking about us online say hello and support us as we get back into a position were we can bring you once again the great brands and styles that you expect from El Mercado. We’ll keep you posted on our journey to recovery. In the meantime, enjoy the selection that we do have and know that it will get better and better with every dollar you spend with us.



El Mercado
Blood, sweat and Tears

These guys have excellent business practices, responsive customer service, and have some of the greatest brands out there. If you have a chance, surf their site and pick up some of your favorite gear. Support the independent companies that are built on this solid foundation.

Ian, keep your head up and stay on your grind. Things will get better eventually.


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